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  antigua classics yacht regatta

Press Releases & Race News

23-Feb-13 - 03:01pm

HELLO ALL COMMITTEE BOATS! The 2013 Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta is in need of a committee boat. This is perfect opportunity for a suitable yacht to become part of our regatta. A good committee boat should be able to host 8 to 10 race committee members on deck with good visibility and have masts, cranes, funnels, or a way to hoist six large (6ft hoist) flags.

Catering is optional, you can supply the lunch, or we can provide sandwiches and drinks. Your crew are welcome to help, or they can go racing once the boat is moored. Our crew are also sailors and are willing to help with the maneuvers. We also need access to a 25W VHF radio for the race broadcasts and this is great viewing spot to watch the races and get all the information on the beautiful classic yachts that sail by.

The dates are the 19th to the 22nd of April. Any owners or captains wishing to donate their yacht for this cause should contact us at kenny@antiguaclassics.com or call 726 6329 for further information.

The Committee